Warning Symptoms

Many lung cancers spread quickly and can grow to quite a large size if they’re not detected, so it’s vital to recognise warning signs early and get medical attention promptly. It’s important to remember that lung cancer can be cured, and this is more likely if it’s caught early.

See your doctor straight away if you have any of the following symptoms:

•    A cough that doesn’t go away after two to three weeks

•    Worsening or change of a long-standing cough

•    Persistent chest infections

•    Coughing blood

•    Unexplained persistent breathlessness

•    Unexplained persistent tiredness or lack of energy

•    Unexplained persistent weight loss

•    Persistent chest and / or shoulder pain

There are many other causes of these symptoms, so just because you have some of them it does not mean you have lung cancer.

Carmarthenshire Rapid Access Lung Clinic

You and your G.P will have decided that you have some symptoms that need further investigation.  Most patients want an answer as quickly as possible so we try to see you and arrange if necessary further investigations.  We try to do this on the same day as clinic.  As we don’t always know which investigations are needed until we see you  there maybe a wait before you are seen.

People you may see in clinic:

Dr Gareth Collier
Dr Robbie Ghosal
Sarah Morgan Clinical Nurse Specialist
Melissa Birchall Clinical Nurse Specialist
Fiona Daniels Support Assistant